Seafood is used to refer to any sea life which is regarded as food for man. There are various seafood dishes that people make on their selves at home as well as can be found in restaurant menu of items. Most of these dishes are highly consumed by people due to their tasty nature and immense health benefits. There are however some people who are allergic to any seafood. It?s, therefore, advisable not to try eating any of the kinds of seafood dishes in case you are allergic to fish consumption as it might not go well with you.

French seafood platter, also known as plateau de fruits de Mer, is a type of seafood dish made up of cooked as well as raw shellfish which has been served while cold on a platter. This is normally also on a bed of ice.

We are going to have a look at a list of seafood dishes that are most notable.

Generally speaking, seafood dishes are specific food dishes that make use of seafood (that is: seaweed, shellfish or fish)as the primary ingredients and are good to be consumed or served with any other cooking or preparation which has been completed.

Most of the seafood or fish dishes have particular names (cioppino), while there are still others that are simply defined (fried fish) or given a name for specific regions (Cullen skink). Bisques, on the other hand, are prepared with some other seafood

Seafood dishes you?ll find in your restaurant list of menu items

  1. Cioppino

This is a kind of fish stew that originates from San Francisco.

  1. Maeuntang

This is a hot spicy cuisine fish soup that has been boiled with gochujang. Gochujang is a Korean paste of red chili pepper. It is mostly consumed with Group Dinner Dockside In addition to these, there might be some various vegetables and chili powder added to the dish.

  1. Clam chowder

This is any of the different chowders that contain broth and clams. Diced onions and potato are common ingredients in this kind of dish.

  1. Crab dishes

This is a popular dish in Open Table ?Singapore. It is black pepper crab that is quite tasty.

  1. Lobster dishes

Lobster Thermidor comprises of a creamy type of mixture of cooked egg yolks, lobster meat, and brandy or cognac, which has been stuffed into a lobster shell. It is most commonly consumed by the French people.

  1. Oyster dishes

Oysters Rockefeller comprises of oysters which normally will have been topped with numerous such ingredients such as parsley and other numerous green herbs, bread crumbs as well as rich butter sauce. They are then broiled or baked.

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